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Why B&C Passport
to Boards?

Meeting a new need…

As graduating classes at elite institutions like Harvard increasingly reflect the makeup of our diverse nation, there is growing incentive for boards to do the same. Between new laws and changing institutional standards across industries, the pressure is mounting. But as industries became more interested in board diversity, they also came up short to meet those new standards. B&C Passport to Boards estimates there are over 10,000 Black Harvard alumni and over 5,000 Latinx Harvard alumni. Companies and organizations that blame a short supply of qualified BIPOC candidates simply aren't looking hard enough.

B&C P2B aims to be your first stop in the search for talented board-ready Black & Latinx alumni from one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. We are a direct answer to the "pipeline problem" many firms claim hinders them from diversifying their board membership.

Our biggest strength is our community. We bring together a diverse array of professionals whose histories and backgrounds complement one another, providing a more comprehensive view than the sum of our parts. At the same time, our network is a hub for people who have had similar experiences that can offset and counteract some of the stereotypical judgements and oppressive forces that we collectively face.

After the police murder of George Floyd, Harvard admissions officer David Evans' retirement, and the widely attended Class of 1980 Black & Crimson reunion, a group of Black & Latinx alumni came together to create B&C Passport to Board, Inc. It began with three Founding Directors, Dorien Nunez, Cynthia Plouché, and Cecile Scoon, and began recruiting 30 Founding Members.

Membership includes current board members, professionals and experts from all industries. Several hold leadership roles on board associations such as the Independent Directors Council (IDC), National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA) and others.

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